Translation of "row" - English-Japanese dictionary


noun uk /rəʊ/ us /roʊ/

B1 a straight line of people or things

列, 並び
a row of trees

B1 a line of seats

I was sitting in the front row.
in a row

one after another without a break

連続して, 立て続けに
He’s just won the race for the fifth year in a row.
verb uk /rəʊ/ us /roʊ/

to move a boat or move someone in a boat through the water using oars (= poles with flat ends)



noun uk /raʊ/ /rɑʊ/ UK

a loud, angry argument

怒鳴り合いのけんか, 口論
The couple next door are always having rows.

(Translation of “row” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)