Translation of "set" - English-Japanese dictionary


verb uk /set/ (present participle setting, past tense and past participle set)

B1 to arrange a time when something will happen

Should we set a date for the next meeting?
The next meeting is set for 6 February.

B1 When the sun sets, it moves down in the sky so that it cannot be seen.


B1 If a book, play, or movie is set in a place or period of time, the story happens there or at that time.

It’s a historical adventure set in India in the 1940s.

to make a piece of equipment ready to be used

(機械などを)セットする, 設定する
He set the alarm for 7 a.m.
set someone free

to allow someone to leave prison

(人)を解放する, 釈放する
set fire to something

to make something start burning

~に放火する, 火を放つ
set the table

to put plates, knives, forks, etc. on the table before you have a meal


If a liquid substance sets, it becomes solid.


UK If you set work or an exam at a school or college, you ask the students to do it.

(課題を)課す, (試験を)行う
Mr Harley forgot to set us any science homework.

(Translation of “set verb” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)