Translation of "show" - English-Japanese dictionary


verb uk /ʃəʊ/ us /ʃoʊ/ past tense showed, past participle shown

A1 to let someone look at something

Show me your photos.

B1 to teach someone how to do something by explaining it or by doing it yourself

(やり方を)~に教える, やって見せる
She showed / me how to use the new computer system.
Have you shown / him what to do?

B1 to give information in a book, on a website, on a piece of equipment, etc.

(情報を)示す, 表示する
The pictures show two types of phone.
On this map, cities are shown in grey.

to prove that something is true

The accident shows the dangers of cycling without a helmet.

to express a feeling or give information so that other people are able to notice it

(感情を)表す, (情報)を伝える
If she was upset, she certainly didn’t show it.
Sales figures showed a significant increase last month.
noun uk /ʃəʊ/ us /ʃoʊ/

A2 a television or radio programme or a theatre performance

(テレビやラジオの)番組, 演劇
He’s got his own show on a local channel.

a time at which a group of similar things are brought together for the public to see

展示会, ショー
a fashion show
a flower show
on show

being shown to the public

Her designs are currently on show at the Museum of Modern Art.

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