Translation of "stock" - English-Japanese dictionary


noun uk /stɒk/ us /stɑk/

[ no plural ] all the things that you can buy in a shop

in stock

available in a shop

Sorry, we don’t have that size in stock.
out of stock

to not available in a shop

在庫がない, 品切れの
That book is out of stock.

an amount of something that is ready to be used

蓄え, 貯蔵
grain stocks

the value of a company, or a share in its value

株, 株式
to sell stocks and shares
to sell stocks and bonds
verb uk /stɒk/ us /stɑk/

to have something for people to buy

(商品を)置く, そろえる
They stock a wide range of sports equipment.

Phrasal verb(s)

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