Translation of "up" - English-Japanese dictionary


adverb, preposition uk /ʌp/ us /ʌp/

A2 towards or in a higher place

He ran up the stairs.
She looked up and smiled at me.

A1 to or towards a position that is vertical or as straight as possible

起こして, 立てて, まっすぐに
He stood up.
She sat up.

to a greater degree, amount, volume, etc.

(量、程度などが)上がって, 増えて, 大きくなって
Can you turn up the heat?

used to say that someone completes an action or uses all of something

I used up all my money.
Eat up the rest of your dinner.
up the road, street, etc.

A2 along or further along the street, road, etc.

They live just up the road.
go, walk, etc. up to someone/something

B1 to walk directly towards someone or something until you are next to them

He came straight up to me and introduced himself.
up to 10, 20, etc.

B1 any amount under 10, 20, etc.

We can invite up to 65 people.
up to/till/until

B1 until a particular time

You can call me up till midnight.
be up to someone

B1 If an action or decision is up to someone, they are responsible for doing or making it.

I can’t decide for you. It’s up to you.
be up to something informal

B1 to be doing or planning something bad

What are you two up to?
adjective uk /ʌp/ us /ʌp/

B1 not in bed

Is she up yet?

(Translation of “up” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)