Translation of "actually" - English-Korean dictionary


adverb uk /ˈæk·tʃu·əl·i/

A2 used when you are saying what is true about a situation

He didn’t actually say anything important.
So what actually happened?

B1 used to emphasize that something surprising is true

(사실을 강조하여)정말로, 사실은
A friend of mine was actually at the same concert – I hadn’t seen her for years!

used to politely correct someone

(상대방을 공손하게 정정하며) 사실은
“You never told me.” “Actually, I did.”
She’s Mexican, actually, not Puerto Rican.
“Can I borrow $20?” “Actually, no, sorry.”

(Translation of “actually” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)