Translation of "after" - English-Korean dictionary


preposition uk /ˈɑːf·tər/

A1 following something that has happened

We went swimming after lunch.

A2 following in order

H comes after G in the alphabet.

A2 once you have passed a particular place

Turn left after the hotel.

B1 following someone or something

-을 쫓는
We ran after him.

because of something that happened

(과거의 일 때문에)-한 뒤에
I’ll never trust her again after what she did to me.

although something happened or is true; despite

-에도 불구하고
I can’t believe he was so rude to you after all the help you gave him!

US used to say how many minutes past the hour it is

(시간)-이 지난
It’s five after three.
after all

B1 used to add an explanation to something that you have just said

You can’t expect to be perfect – after all, it was only your first lesson.
day after day, year after year, etc.

B1 happening every day, year, etc., over a long period

매일, 매년 등
We go to the same place on holiday year after year.
be after something

to be trying to get something

-을 찾다
What type of job are you after?

(Translation of “after preposition” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)