Translation of "age" - English-Korean dictionary


noun uk /eɪdʒ/ us /eɪdʒ/

A1 the number of years that someone has lived, or that something has existed

Mozart died at the age of 35.
a child under/over the age of five
Some trees live to a great age.
Their son is your age (= as old as you are).

B1 a period of history

the Ice Age

[ no plural ] the state of being old

Some wines improve with age.
ages [ plural ] also an age mainly UK informal

B1 a very long time

오랜 시간
I’ve been waiting here for ages.
verb uk /eɪdʒ/ us /eɪdʒ/ present participle mainly UK ageing, present participle US aging, past tense and past participle aged

to become older or to make someone seem older

Dad has aged a lot recently.

(Translation of “age” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)