Translation of "back" - English-Korean dictionary


adverb uk /bæk/ us /bæk/

A1 to the place where someone or something was before

(이전의 장소로) 다시
When do you go back to college?
I put it back in the cupboard.

A2 as a reply or reaction to something

(대답이나 반응으로) 다시
Can I call you back later?

B1 in a direction behind you

She stepped back.

to the state something or someone was in before

(이전의 상태로) 다시
Try to go back to sleep.

to an earlier time

Looking back, I think we did the right thing.
I heard from them back in January.
back and forth

in one direction then the opposite way, many times

왔다 갔다
She goes back and forth between London and Paris quite often.
noun uk /bæk/ us /bæk/

A1 the part of something that is away from the front

Our seats were at the back of the theatre.

A2 the part of your body from your shoulders to your bottom

He was lying on his back.
in back of


They sat in back of us on the plane.
back to front

with the back part of something where the front should be

You’ve got your T-shirt on back to front.
behind someone’s back

If you do something behind someone’s back, you do it without them knowing, often in an unfair way.

몰래, 뒤에서
Have they been saying things about me behind my back?
verb uk /bæk/ us /bæk/

to give support to a person or plan

He backed Clark in the recent election.

to move or drive backwards

뒤로 가다, 후진하다
It’s best to back into a parking space.
adjective uk /bæk/ us /bæk/

A2 at the back of something

the back door
the back garden

(Translation of “back” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)