Translation of "bite" - English-Korean dictionary


verb uk /baɪt/ us /bɑɪt/ present participle biting, past tense bit, past participle bitten

B1 to cut something using your teeth

She bit into an apple.
He was bitten by a dog.
bite someone’s head off

to speak to someone in a quick, angry way, for no good reason

특정한 이유도 없이 -에게 화를 내다
I only asked if I could help – there’s no need to bite my head off!
bite off more than you can chew

to try to do something that is too difficult for you

욕심을 부리다
We bit off more than we could chew when we tried to build our own house.
he, she, etc. won’t bite

you do not need to be frightened of a particular person or thing

안잡아 먹는다
Just go and ask her – she won’t bite.
noun uk /baɪt/ us /bɑɪt/

a piece taken from food when you bite it

한 입
She took a bite from her pizza.

an injury caused when an animal or insect bites you

(동물이나 곤충에게) 물린 곳
mosquito bites

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