Translation of "direct" - English-Korean dictionary


adjective, adverb uk /dɪˈrekt/ us /dəˈrekt, dɑɪˈrekt/

B1 going straight from one place to another without turning or stopping

We went by the most direct route.

with no other person or thing involved or between

direct sunlight


verb uk /dɪˈrekt/ us /dəˈrekt, dɑɪˈrekt/

B1 to tell the actors in a movie or play what to do

총괄하다, 감독하다
a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock

B1 to show or tell someone how to get to a place

길을 알려주다
Can you direct / me to the manager’s office please?

(Translation of “direct” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)