Translation of "please" - English-Korean dictionary


exclamation uk /pliːz/ us /pliz/

A1 something that you say to be polite when you are asking for something

제발, 부디
Could I have a coffee, please?
Please may I use your phone?
yes, please

A1 used to accept something politely

공손하게 제안을 받아들일때 쓰인다
‘Would you like a drink?’ ‘Oh yes, please.’
verb uk /pliːz/ us /pliz/ present participle pleasing, past tense and past participle pleased

B1 to make someone happy

(다른 사람을) 기쁘게 하다
I only got married to please my parents.

(Translation of “please” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)