Translation of "quarter" - English-Korean dictionary


noun uk /ˈkwɔː·tər/

A2 (US also fourth) one of four equal parts of something; 1/4

4분의 1
We only finished a quarter of the pie.
I waited a quarter of an hour for her.

A1 a period of 15 minutes before or after the hour

(매 정시 앞 혹은 뒤로) 15분
It’s quarter to three (= 2.45).
It’s a quarter to three (= 2:45).
We’re leaving at quarter past six (= 6.15).
We’re leaving at a quarter after six (= 6:15).

a coin with a value of 25 cents (= 25/100 of a dollar) in the US and Canada

25센트 동전
There are four quarters in a dollar.

one of four time periods that a year can be divided into


(Translation of “quarter noun” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)