Translation of "settle" - English-Korean dictionary


verb uk /ˈset·l/ us /ˈset̬·əl/ present participle settling, past tense and past participle settled

If you settle an argument, you stop the problem and stop arguing.

합의를 보다, 논쟁을 해결하다

to start living somewhere that you are going to live for a long time

Finally he settled in Vienna.

to decide or arrange something

Right, that’s settled. We’re going to Spain.

to relax into a comfortable position

편하게 앉다
She settled herself into the chair.
settle a bill

to pay the money that you owe

계산을 하다
I’ve got some bills to settle.
settle a check/bill

to pay the money that you owe

계산을 하다
I’ll settle the dinner check – you get our coats.

(Translation of “settle” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)