Translation of "spread" - English-Korean dictionary


verb uk /spred/ us /spred/ past tense and past participle spread

to arrange something so that it covers a large area

He spread / the cards out on the table.

to affect a larger number of people

The virus is spread by rats.

to move a soft substance across a surface so that it covers it

문지르다, 바르다
He spread / a thin layer of glue on the paper.

to tell information to a lot of people

(정보를) 퍼뜨리다, 유포시키다
News of his death spread quickly.
Spread the word – there’s a party tomorrow.
noun uk /spred/ us /spred/

[ no plural ] the degree to which something moves to cover a larger area or affect a larger number of people, or the fact of doing this

They are looking for ways to slow down the spread of the disease.

(Translation of “spread” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)