Translation of "stretch" - English-Korean dictionary


verb uk /stretʃ/ us /stretʃ/

to become longer or wider, or to pull something so that it becomes longer or wider

Don’t pull my sweater – you’ll stretch it.

to make your body or part of your body straighter and longer

기지개를 켜다, 몸을 뻗다
Stretch your arms above your head.

to cover a large area

The fields stretched away into the distance.
noun uk /stretʃ/ us /stretʃ/

an area of land or water

지역, 구간
a stretch of coastline

a continuous period of time

(계속되는) 기간
We had a long stretch of cold weather last month.
at a stretch

without stopping

He often worked ten hours at a stretch.

the action of stretching part of your body

I always do / a few stretches before I go jogging.

(Translation of “stretch” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)