Translation of "thing" - English-Korean dictionary


noun uk /θɪŋ/ us /θɪŋ/

A1 used to mean an object without saying its name

I need to get a few things in town.
things [ plural ]

A1 the objects that you own

I’ll just get my things and then I’ll be ready.

A2 a fact or characteristic of someone or something

The best thing about the wedding was the food.
things [ plural ]

B1 what is happening, especially in your life

상황, 형편
How are things with you?
a thing

B1 used instead of ‘anything’ in order to emphasize what you are saying

(강조하기 위해) 아무것도
I haven’t got a thing to wear.

used to refer to an idea or comment

생각이나 상황을 말할때 사용한다
I just want to forget the whole thing.

used to refer to an activity or event

활동이나 사건을 말할때 사용한다
Meeting Nina was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
thing to do/say

something that is done or said

(행동이나 말)-것
What a silly thing to do.

(Translation of “thing” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)