Translation of "blind" - English-Polish dictionary


adjective uk us /blaɪnd/

B1 not able to see

niewidomy, ślepy
She went blind after an accident.
This project provides guide dogs for the blind.
be blind to sth

to not notice something, or not want to notice something

być ślepym na coś
Drivers who speed are often blind to the risks they cause.
blind panic/rage/trust, etc

an extremely strong feeling that makes you do things without thinking

ślep-a/e panika/wściekłość/zaufanie itp.
a blind corner/bend UK

a bend or corner on a road that is dangerous because you cannot see cars coming around it

ślepy zakręt
blindness noun [ U ]


→ See also colour-blind , turn a blind eye (to sth)

(Translation of “blind adjective” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)