Translation of "bring" - English-Polish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /brɪŋ/ us past tense and past participle brought

A2 to take someone or something with you when you go somewhere

zabierać, przynosić, przyprowadzać
Did you bring an umbrella with you?
[ + two objects ] He brought me some flowers.
bring happiness/peace/shame, etc

B1 to cause happiness/peace/shame, etc

przynosić szczęście/pokój/wstyd itp.
Money does not always bring happiness.
can not bring yourself to do sth

to not be willing to do something because it is so unpleasant

nie móc zmusić się do zrobienia czegoś
He couldn't bring himself to talk to her.
→ See also bring sb/sth to their knees , bring sth to light

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