Translation of "bury" - English-Polish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /ˈberi/ us

B1 to put a dead body into the ground

[ often passive ] He was buried next to his wife.

B1 to hide something in the ground or under something

zakopać, pogrzebać
buried treasure
She watched the dog burying its bone.
It is common practice to bury waste in landfills.
[ often passive ] Two climbers were buried in the snow.
bury your face/head in sth

to move your face/head somewhere where it is hidden

ukryć twarz w czymś
She buried her face in her hands.
bury yourself in sth

to give all your attention to something

poświęcić się czemuś
He buried himself in his work.
→ See also bury the hatchet

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