Translation of "ever" - English-Polish dictionary


adverb uk /ˈevər/ us

A2 at any time

kiedykolwiek, kiedyś, (= z przeczeniem) nigdy
Have you ever been skiing?
No one ever calls me anymore.
better/faster/happier, etc than ever

better/faster/happier, etc than at any time before

lepszy/szybszy/szczęśliwszy itp. niż kiedykolwiek przedtem
hardly ever

B1 almost never

rzadko kiedy
We hardly ever go out these days.
ever since

B1 always since that time

od tej pory
We met at school and have been friends ever since.
ever so/ever such a mainly UK

B2 very/a very

She's ever so pretty.
for ever UK UK/US forever

B1 always in the future

(na) zawsze
I'm not going to live here for ever.
ever-changing/growing/increasing, etc

always changing/growing/increasing, etc

ciągle lub wciąż zmieniający się/rosnący itp.

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