Translation of "get in" - English-Polish dictionary

get in

phrasal verb with get uk /ɡet/ us verb present participle getting, past tense got, past participle got, US gotten

B1 to succeed in entering a place, especially a building

wchodzić, dostać się
They must have got in through the bathroom window.

B1 to arrive at your home or the place where you work

wracać, przyjść
What time did you get in last night?

B1 If a train or other vehicle gets in at a particular time, that is when it arrives.

przyjeżdżać, przybywać
Our flight's getting in later than expected.

B1 to succeed in being chosen or elected for a position in a school or other organization

dostać się
He wanted to go to Oxford University but he didn't get in.

(Translation of “get in” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)