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verb uk strong /hæv/ us weak /həv, əv, v/ us past tense and past participle had, present tense singular has
OWN [ T ] also mainly UK have got

A1 to own something

I have two horses.
Laura has got beautiful blue eyes.
HOLD [ T ]

B1 used to say that someone is holding something, or that someone or something is with them

He had a pen in his hand.
She had a small child with her.
BE SICK [ T ] also mainly UK have got

A1 If you have a particular illness, you are suffering from it.

Have you ever had the measles?

A1 to eat or drink something

zjeść, napić się
We are having dinner at 7 o'clock.
Can I have a drink of water?
have a bath/sleep/walk, etc

A2 used with nouns to say that someone does something

wykąpać/przespać/przespacerować się itp.
Can I have a quick shower?
Let Mark have a try.
have difficulty/fun/problems, etc

A2 used with nouns to say that someone experiences something

mieć trudności /przyjemność/problemy
We had a great time in Barcelona.
have a baby

A2 to give birth to a baby

mieć lub rodzić dziecko
have sth done

B1 If you have something done, someone does it for you.

(dać lub kazać) coś zrobić
I'm having my hair cut tomorrow.
We had the carpets cleaned.

(Translation of “have verb” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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