Translation of "hour" - English-Polish dictionary


noun uk /aʊər/ us
60 MINUTES [ C ]

A1 a period of time equal to 60 minutes

half an hour
It's a six-hour flight.
The job pays $5 an hour.

the period of time when a particular activity happens or when a shop or public building is open

Our opening hours are from 8 to 6.
I've got to go to the bank UK in my lunch hour/ US on my lunch hour.
hours informal

B1 a long time

I spent hours doing my homework.
the hour

the point when a new hour begins

pełna lub równa godzina
The train leaves at two minutes past the hour.
My watch beeps on the hour.
all hours

very late at night, until early morning, or almost all the time

do późna , bez przerwy
Our neighbours are up till all hours every night, playing loud music.
the early/small hours

the hours between midnight and the time that the sun rises

wczesne godziny poranne → See also rush hour

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