Translation of "light" - English-Polish dictionary


noun uk us /laɪt/

B1 the brightness that shines from the sun, from fire, or from electrical equipment, allowing you to see things

bright/dim light
a beam ray of light
Light was streaming in through the open door.

A2 a device which produces light

car lights
to switch/turn the light on
They must be in bed - I can't see any lights on anywhere.
a light

a flame from a match, etc used to make a cigarette start burning

Have you got a light, please?
set light to sth UK

to make something start burning

podpalić coś
in the light of sth ( also US in light of sth)

If something is done or happens in the light of facts, it is done or happens because of those facts.

w świetle czegoś
The drug has been withdrawn in the light of new research.

(Translation of “light noun” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)