Translation of "mind" - English-Polish dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /maɪnd/ us

B1 someone's memory or their ability to think, feel emotions, and be aware of things

umysł, głowa
For some reason her words stuck in my mind.
She has a very logical mind.
have sth on your mind

to think or worry about something

mieć coś na głowie
Jim has a lot on his mind at the moment.
bear/keep sb/sth in mind

B2 to remember someone or something that may be useful in the future

pamiętać o kimś/czymś
I'll keep you in mind if another job comes up.
[ + (that) ] Bear in mind that there's a bank holiday next week.
make your mind up

B1 to make a decision

zdecydować się
[ + question word ] I haven't made up my mind whether to go yet.
change your mind

B1 to change a decision or opinion

zmienić zdanie
We've changed our minds about selling the house.
come/spring to mind

If an idea comes to mind, it is the first thing you think of.

przychodzić do głowy
I was thinking about who might be suitable for this job, and your name came to mind.
put your mind to sth

to give your full attention to something

przykładać się do czegoś
You could win if you put your mind to it.
be out of your mind informal

to be crazy or very stupid

postradać rozum lub zmysły
be out of your mind with worry/grief, etc

to be very worried or upset

odchodzić od zmysłów ze zmartwienia /z żalu itp.

(Translation of “mind noun” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)