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verb uk /pɪtʃ/ us

to make something suitable for a particular level or group of people

dostosować, dopasować, ustawiać
[ often passive ] His talk was pitched at slightly too high a level for the audience.
PERSUADE [ I, T ] mainly US

to try to persuade someone to do something

zachwalać, reklamować
They are pitching for new business at the moment.
pitch (sb/sth) forward/into, etc

to suddenly move in a particular direction, or to make someone or something suddenly move in a particular direction

rzucać kimś/czymś /się gdzieś , runąć
He braked too hard and the car pitched forward.
pitch a tent

to choose a place for a tent and put it there

rozbijać namiot
BALL [ I, T ]

in baseball, to throw the ball towards the person who is going to hit it

miotać, rzucać, grać na pozycji miotacza
He used to pitch for the Chicago White Sox.

to make sound at a particular level

stroić, dobierać wysokość dźwięku
The tune was pitched much too high for me.

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