Translation of "post" - English-Polish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /pəʊst/ us

A2 UK UK/US mail to send a letter or parcel by post

Did you post my letter?

B1 to leave a message on a website

I posted a query about arthritis treatment.
be posted to France/London/Singapore, etc

to be sent to France/London/Singapore, etc to work, usually for the government or army

zostać oddelegowanym do Francji/Londynu/Singapuru
post a notice/sign, etc

to put a notice/sign, etc somewhere

wywieszać ogłoszenie/napis itp.
He posted the message on the noticeboard.
keep sb posted

to make certain that someone always knows what is happening

informować kogoś (na bieżąco)
Keep me posted on anything that happens while I'm away.

(Translation of “post verb” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)