Translation of "put sth on" - English-Polish dictionary

put sth on

phrasal verb with put uk /pʊt/ us verb [ T ] present participle putting, past tense and past participle put

A2 to put clothes or shoes onto your body

wkładać coś
You'd better put your coat on, it's cold outside.

B1 to make a piece of equipment work by pressing a switch

włączać coś
Can you put the light on please?

to pretend to have a particular feeling, or to behave in a way which is not real or natural for you

udawać coś
He's not really upset, he's just putting it on.

A2 to make music, a film, or some other recording start playing on a machine

włączać coś , nastawiać coś
Why don't you put on some music?
put on weight UK

B1 to become fatter and heavier

przytyć, przybierać na wadze

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