Translation of "well" - English-Polish dictionary


adverb uk /wel/ us better, best

A1 in a successful or satisfactory way

I thought they played well.
He's doing well at school/work.

A2 in a complete way or as much as possible

I know him quite well.
Stir the mixture well.
as well

A1 also

też, także
Are you going to invite Steve as well?
as well as sth

A1 in addition to something

oraz coś
They have lived in the United States as well as Britain.
may/might as well do sth

B2 If you may/might as well do something, it will not spoil the situation if you do that thing.

móc równie dobrze coś zrobić
If we're not waiting for Karen, we might as well go now.
may/might/could well

B2 used to say that something is likely to be true

prawdopodobnie, możliwe, że
He could well be at Michelle's house.
well above/ahead/below, etc

B2 above/ahead/below, etc by a large amount

dobrze ponad/przed/poniżej itp.
It was well after seven o'clock when we got home.
can't/couldn't very well do sth

used to say that something is not a suitable or practical thing to do

nie móc raczej lub przecież czegoś zrobić
I couldn't very well tell her while he was there.
Well done!

A1 used to tell someone how pleased you are about their success

Dobra robota!, Świetnie!
"I passed my exams." "Well done!"

(Translation of “well adverb” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)