Translation of "work" - English-Polish dictionary


verb uk /wɜːk/ us
JOB [ I, T ]

A1 to do a job, especially the job you do to earn money

Helen works for a computer company.
He works as a waiter in an Italian restaurant.
My dad works very long hours (= he works a lot of hours).

A2 If a machine or piece of equipment works, it is not broken.

Does this radio work?
The washing machine isn't working.

B1 If something works, it is effective and successful.

udać się
Her plan to get rid of me didn't work.
can work sth; know how to work sth

to know how to use a machine or piece of equipment

umieć coś obsługiwać
Do you know how to work the dishwasher?

to do something that needs a lot of time or effort, or to make someone do this

pracować, zmuszać do pracy
[ + to do sth ] He's been working to improve his speed.
Our teacher works us very hard.
work your way around/through/up, etc sth

to achieve something gradually

brnąć/posuwać się itp. przez coś
I have a pile of homework to work my way through.

(Translation of “work verb” from the Cambridge English–Polish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)