Translation of "calm" - English-Portuguese dictionary


adjective uk /kɑːm/ us /kɑm/

B1 relaxed and not worried or frightened

calmo, tranquilo
a calm voice

B1 If the weather or the sea is calm, it is quiet and peaceful.

calmly adverb /kɑːm·li/ /kɑm·li/

in a relaxed way

calmamente, tranquilamente
He spoke slowly and calmly.
verb uk /kɑːm/ us /kɑm, kɑlm/

to make someone stop feeling upset, angry, or excited

acalmar, tranquilizar
The police tried to calm the crowd.
a calming effect

Phrasal verb(s)

noun [ no plural ] uk /kɑːm/ us /kɑm/

calm conditions or behaviour

calma, tranquilidade

(Translation of “calm” from the Cambridge English–Portuguese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)