Translation of "carry" - English-Portuguese dictionary


verb uk /ˈkær·i/ us /ˈkær·i/ present participle carrying, past tense and past participle carried

A1 to hold something or someone with your hands or on your back and take them or it somewhere

levar, carregar
He was carrying my bags.

B1 to have something with you all the time

She still carries his photo in her wallet.

to move someone or something from one place to another

levar, transportar
The plane was carrying 30 passengers.

to have a disease that you might give to someone else

transmitir, ser portador de
Mosquitoes carry malaria and other infectious diseases.

to support the weight of something

aguentar, suportar
Is the ice thick enough to carry my weight?

US If a store carries something, people can buy it there.

vender, manter em estoque
We don’t carry that brand of jeans.

(Translation of “carry” from the Cambridge English–Portuguese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)