Translation of "carry on" - English-Portuguese dictionary

carry on

phrasal verb with carry uk /ˈkær·i/ us /ˈkær·i/ verb present participle carrying, past tense and past participle carried

B1 to continue doing something

continuar, dar prosseguimento
We will carry on with the game unless it rains.


adjective uk /ˈkær·i·ɒn/ us /ˈkær·iˌɔn, ˈkær·iˌɑn/

small enough to bring onto a plane with you when you travel

(bagagem) de mão
carry-on luggage
noun uk /ˈkær·i·ɒn/ us /ˈkær·iˌɔn, ˈkær·iˌɑn/

a bag that is small enough to be taken onto a plane with you

bagagem de mão
Liquids and scissors are not allowed in your carry-on.

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