Translation of "clear" - English-Portuguese dictionary


adjective uk /klɪər/ us /klɪər/

A2 easy to understand


A2 easy to hear, read, or see

These photos are very clear.

A2 easy to see through

clear glass

B1 obvious and not possible to doubt

It was clear that she didn’t like him.

B1 not covered or blocked by anything

limpo, vazio
a clear road
a clear sky
verb uk /klɪər/ us /klɪər/

B1 to take away all the things or people from a place

retirar, remover, esvaziar
I completely cleared the room.

If the sky or weather clears, the clouds and rain disappear.

adverb uk /klɪər/ us /klɪər/
steer clear of someone/something

to avoid someone or something that is unpleasant or dangerous

manter-se distante de alguém/algo
Steer clear of Tony this morning – he’s in a bad mood.

(Translation of “clear” from the Cambridge English–Portuguese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)