Translation of "design" - English-Portuguese dictionary


noun uk /dɪˈzaɪn/ us /dɪˈzɑɪn/

B1 the way in which something is planned and made

projeto, planejamento
Engineers are working on the new designs.

B1 a pattern or decoration

a design of fish and sea shells

B1 [ no plural ] the art of making plans or drawings for something

He’s studying fashion design at college.
verb uk /dɪˈzaɪn/ us /dɪˈzɑɪn/

B1 to draw or plan something before making it

projetar, desenhar
She designs furniture.
be designed for/to do something

to have been planned or done for a particular purpose

ser destinado para (fazer) algo
This dictionary is designed for learners of English.
These light bulbs are designed to use less energy.

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