Translation of "offer" - English-Portuguese dictionary


verb uk /ˈɒf·ər/ us /ˈɔ·fər/

A2 to say that you will do something for someone

oferecer-se, ofertar-se
He offered to get me a cab.

B1 to ask someone if they would like something

oferecer, ofertar
They offered me a job.

B1 to give or provide something

oferecer, dar, fornecer
to offer advice
Did he offer any explanation for his behaviour?

to say that you will pay a particular amount of money

I offered him £1,500 for the car.
noun uk /ˈɒf·ər/ us /ˈɔ·fər/

A2 an act of asking someone if they would like something

oferta, doação
an offer of help
a job offer

B1 a reduction in the price of something for a short time

This special offer is available until Saturday.

an amount of money that you say you will pay for something

They made / an offer on the house.

(Translation of “offer” from the Cambridge English–Portuguese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)