Translation of "credit" - English-Russian dictionary


noun uk /ˈkredɪt/ us

B1 a way of buying something in which you arrange to pay for it at a later time

We offer interest-free credit on all new cars.
He bought most of the furniture on credit.

B2 praise that is given to someone for something they have done

похвала, заслуга
I did most of the work but Dan got all the credit!
We should give her credit for her honesty.
I can't take full credit for this meal - Sam helped.
be a credit to sb/sth

to do something that makes a person or organization proud of you

быть гордостью кого-либо/чего-либо
Giorgio is a credit to his family.
to sb's credit

If something is to someone's credit, they deserve praise for it.

к чьей-либо чести
To his credit, Bill never blamed her for the incident.
have sth to your credit

to have achieved something

иметь что-либо на счету
By the age of 25, she had five novels to her credit.
in credit

having money in your bank account

на счету (в банке)

B1 an amount of money that you put into your bank account

взнос → Opposite debit noun

B2 a unit that shows you have completed part of a college course


(Translation of “credit noun” from the Cambridge English–Russian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)