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verb uk us /duː/ (past tense did, past participle done)

A1 to perform an action or job

делать, работать
Go upstairs and do your homework.
What are you doing this weekend?
What does she do? (= What is her job?)
MAKE [ T ]

A2 to make or prepare something

делать, готовить
Our printer only does black and white copies.
Max's Cafe does great sandwiches.
do badly/well, etc

B1 to be unsuccessful/successful, etc

успешно/плохо и т. д. справляться с чем-либо
Sam did very well in her exams.
do biology/French/history, etc UK

A1 to study biology/French/history, etc

изучать биологию/французский/историю и т. д.
do your hair/make-up, etc

B1 to make your hair/make-up, etc look nice

делать прическу/макияж и т. д.
do sb good

B2 to have a good effect on someone

приносить пользу, оказывать благотворное влияние
A holiday would do you good.
do damage/harm, etc

B2 to cause damage/harm, etc

приносить ущерб/вред и т. д.
Luckily the fire didn't do much damage.
will do

will be satisfactory

годиться, быть подходящим
You don't have to pay now, next week will do.

to travel at a particular speed

ехать с определенной скоростью
For most of the journey we were doing 70 miles an hour.

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