Translation of "due" - English-Russian dictionary


adjective uk /djuː/ us
EVENT [ never before noun ]

B1 expected or planned

[ + to do sth ] He was due to fly back this morning.
Her book is due out (= expected to be published) next week.
When is the baby due (= expected to be born)?
due to sth

B1 because of something

из-за чего-либо
The train was late due to snow.
MONEY [ never before noun ]

Money that is due is owed to someone and must be paid.

подлежащий выплате
The rent is due today.

Something that is due to you is something that is owed to you or something you deserve.

He didn't get the praise and recognition that was due to him.
BEHAVIOUR [ always before noun ] formal

correct and suitable

должный, надлежащий
He was fined for driving without due care and attention.
→ Opposite undue
be due for sth

If you are due for something, it should happen very soon.

пора что-либо делать
I'm due for a check-up at the dentist's.

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