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verb uk /fiːl/ us past tense and past participle felt

A1 to experience an emotion or a physical feeling

You shouldn't feel embarrassed about making a mistake.
I felt a sharp pain in my side when I stood up.
"Are you feeling better?" "Yes, thanks, I feel fine now."
feel better/different/strange, etc; feel like/as if

B1 If you describe the way a place, situation, or object feels, you say how it seems to you, or what your experience of it is like.

казаться, давать ощущение
It felt strange to see him again after so long.
The house feels empty without the children.
This shirt feels tight under my arms.
I feel as if I've known you for ages.
feel like sb/sth

B1 to seem to be similar to a type of person, thing, or situation

чувствовать себя как кто-либо/каким-либо образом
My feet feel like blocks of ice.
I felt like a fool when I saw what everyone else was wearing.

B1 to think something or have an opinion

считать, иметь мнение
[ + (that) ] I feel that he's the best person for the job.
Do you feel strongly (= have strong opinions) about it?
TOUCH [ I, T ]

B2 to touch something, especially with your hands, in order to examine it

трогать, щупать
He felt her ankle to see if it was broken.
feel like sth/doing sth

B1 to want something, or want to do something

хотеть чего-либо/сделать что-либо
I feel like some chocolate.
Jane felt like crying.

B2 to be aware of something

чувствовать, ощущать
You could feel the tension in the room.
I could feel them watching me.
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