Translation of "idea" - English-Russian dictionary


noun uk /aɪˈdɪə/ us

A2 a suggestion or plan

идея, мысль
"Why don't we ask George?" "That's a good idea."
[ + to do sth ] It was Kate's idea to hire a car.
THOUGHT [ U, no plural ]

B2 an understanding, thought, or picture in your mind

мысль, представление
[ + of + doing sth ] Clive soon got used to the idea of having children around the house again.
[ + (that) ] I don't want them to get the idea that we're not interested.
have no idea

B1 to not know

не иметь понятия
Beth had no idea where he'd gone.

B1 an opinion or belief

взгляд, убеждение
My husband and I have very different ideas about school discipline.
AIM [ no plural ]

the aim or purpose of something

намерение, замысел
The idea is to give local people a chance to voice their opinions.
→ See also not have the foggiest (idea) (foggy)

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