Translation of "look" - English-Russian dictionary


verb uk /lʊk/ us
SEE [ I ]

A1 to turn your eyes in the direction of something or someone so that you can see them

Look at the picture on page two.
He was looking out of the window.
I looked around and there she was.

A1 to try to find someone or something

I'm looking for my keys.
I've looked everywhere but I can't find my bag.
look nice/strange, etc; look like/as if

A2 used to describe the appearance of a person or thing

хорошо/странно и т. д. выглядеть
That food looks nice.
You look tired, my love.
Do I look silly in this hat?
He looked like a drug addict.
it looks like; it looks as if

B1 used to say that something is likely to happen

похоже, что …
It looks like there'll be three of us.
It looks as if he isn't coming.
be looking to do sth

to plan to do something

собираться, планировать сделать что-либо
I'm looking to start my own business.

something you say when you are annoyed and you want people to know that what you are saying is important

Look, I've had enough of your complaints.
→ See also look the part

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