Translation of "mean" - English-Russian dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /miːn/ us past tense and past participle meant /ment/

A2 to have a particular meaning

What does 'perpendicular' mean?
The red light means stop.

B1 to intend to express a fact or opinion

иметь в виду
I didn't mean that as a criticism.
What exactly do you mean by 'old-fashioned'?
mean to do sth

B1 to intend to do something

намереваться, хотеть что-либо сделать
I didn't mean to hurt her.

B1 to have a particular result

These changes will mean better health care for everyone.
[ + (that) ] It doesn't mean that you can stop working.

to be serious about something that you have said

не шутить, говорить серьезно
I'll take that sandwich away if you don't eat it properly - I mean it!

B1 to have an important emotional effect on someone

значить, иметь значение (для кого-либо)
You don't know what it means to me to get this letter.
Their support has meant a lot to us.
have been meaning to do sth

B1 to have been wanting and planning to do something

собираться сделать что-либо
I've been meaning to call you for weeks.
be meant to do sth

If you are meant to do something, that is what you should do in order to behave correctly.

You're meant to shake the bottle first.
mean well

to intend to behave in a kind way

иметь добрые намерения, желать добра
I know my parents mean well, but I wish they wouldn't interfere.
I mean

something that people often say before they continue their sentence

ну, я хочу сказать
I mean, I don't dislike her.

A2 something that you say in order to correct yourself

то есть
We went there in May - I mean June.

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