Translation of "point" - English-Russian dictionary


noun uk /pɔɪnt/ us

B1 an opinion, idea, or fact that someone says or writes

мысль, точка зрения
Could I make a point about noise levels?
I take your point (= I agree with you) about cycling, but I still prefer to walk.

B2 an opinion or fact that deserves to be considered seriously, or which other people agree is true

проблема, чья-либо правота
"She's always complaining that the office is cold." "Well, she's got a point."
"How are we going to get there if there are no trains?" "Good point."
the point

B2 the most important part of what has been said or written

суть, смысл
I thought he was never going to get to the point.
The point is, if you don't claim the money now you might never get it.
To say his art is simplistic is missing the point (= not understanding the most important thing about it).

B2 the thin, sharp end of something

кончик, острие
the point of a needle

a particular place

место, пункт
the point where the pipes enter the building
TIME [ C ]

B2 a particular time in an event or process

At this point, people started to leave.
It has got to the point where I can hardly bear to speak to him.
be at/on the point of doing sth

B2 to be going to do something very soon

быть на грани чего-либо
Amy was on the point of crying.
REASON [ no plural ]

B2 the reason for or purpose of something

смысл, цель
What's the point of studying if you can't get a job afterwards?
There's no point inviting her - she never comes to parties.
beside the point

not important or not connected with what you are talking about

не в этом суть, дело
The fact that he doesn't want to come is beside the point - he should have been invited.
make a point of doing sth

to be certain that you always do a particular thing

считать обязательным для себя
He made a point of learning all the names of his staff.
to the point

If something someone says or writes is to the point, it expresses the most important things without extra details.

по существу
His report was short and to the point.
up to a point

B2 partly

What he says is true up to a point.
GAME [ C ]

B1 a unit used for showing who is winning in a game or competition

With 3 games still to play, Manchester United are 5 points ahead.

a unit used in some systems of measuring and comparing things

The stock exchange fell by five points.
boiling/freezing/melting point

the temperature at which a substance boils, freezes, or melts

температура кипения/замерзания/плавления

B2 a quality that someone has

отличительная черта
I know she's bossy, but she has lots of good points too.
Chemistry never was my strong point (= I was never good at it).
MATHEMATICS [ C ] also decimal point

B2 the mark (.) that is used to separate the two parts of a decimal

точка, отделяющая десятичную дробь от целого числа
One mile equals one point six (= 1.6) kilometres.

B2 one of the marks on a compass (= object used for showing directions)

страна света

a unit of measurement of the size of letters, used in printing and on computers


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