Translation of "position" - English-Russian dictionary


noun uk /pəˈzɪʃən/ us

B1 the way someone is sitting, standing, or lying, or if something is pointing up or down, etc

положение, поза
a kneeling position
I go to sleep on my back but I always wake up in a different position.
Make sure your chair is in the upright position.

B1 the situation that someone is in

положение, ситуация
[ usually singular ] She's in a very difficult position.
be in a position to do sth

to be able to do something because of your situation

иметь возможность, быть в состоянии делать что-либо
I'm not in a position to talk about this at the moment.

B1 the place where someone or something is

местонахождение, расположение
I'm trying to find our position on the map.
You're in a good position next to the window.
be in position

If someone or something is in position, they are in the place that they should be in.

быть на своем месте
in first/second/third, etc position

in first/second/third, etc place in a race or other competition

быть на первом/втором/третьем и т. д. месте
She finished the race in third position.
JOB [ C ] formal

B2 a job

место, должность
to apply for a position in a company
OPINION [ C ] formal

a way of thinking about a subject

позиция, точка зрения
What's the company's position on recycling?
GAME [ C ]

B1 the part that someone plays in a game such as football

What position does he play?

B2 your level of importance in society

положение, статус
the position of women in society

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