Translation of "rate" - English-Russian dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /reɪt/ us

B2 how often something happens, or how many people something happens to

показатель, размер, уровень
the birth rate
the rate of unemployment

B2 a fixed amount of money given for something

ставка, курс, расценка
the interest/exchange rate
rates of pay

B2 the speed at which something happens

скорость, темп
the rate of progress
at this rate

used before saying what will happen if a situation continues in the same way

такими темпами
At this rate we're not going to be there till midnight.
at any rate

used before saying one fact that is certain in a situation that you are generally not certain about

в любом случае
Well, at any rate we need her to be there.

very good, bad, or very bad

первоклассный/второразрядный/третьеразрядный → See also birth rate , exchange rate

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