Translation of "roll" - English-Russian dictionary


verb uk us /rəʊl/
roll (sth) across/around/over, etc

B2 to move somewhere by turning in a circular direction, or to make something move this way

катить(ся) (что-либо) по/вокруг/над и т. д.
The ball rolled through the goalkeeper's legs.
She rolled over onto her side.
roll down/in/off, etc

B2 to move somewhere smoothly

скатываться/катиться в/откатываться и т. д.
Tears rolled down her face.

B2 [ T ] to turn something around itself to make the shape of a ball or tube

свертывать, скручивать
to roll a cigarette
roll your eyes

to move your eyes so that they are looking up, usually to show surprise or disapproval

закатывать глаза
→ See also set/start the ball rolling , be rolling in it , roll in , roll sth up , roll up

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