Translation of "run" - English-Russian dictionary


noun uk us /rʌn/

B1 when you move on your feet at a speed faster than walking as a sport

[ usually singular ] to go for a run

B2 in cricket or baseball, a single point

единица счета, очко (в крикете, бейсболе)
to score a run
a dummy/practice/trial run

when you do something to practise it before the real time

пробный запуск/тренировка/испытательный пробег
a run of sth

when something happens several times without something different happening during that period

полоса чего-либо, период
a run of 10 games without a win
a run of good/bad luck

a period of performances of a play, film, etc

показ (фильма, спектакля)
be on the run

to be trying to avoid being caught, especially by the police

быть в бегах, скрываться
make a run for it informal

to suddenly run fast in order to escape from somewhere

броситься бежать

(Translation of “run noun” from the Cambridge English–Russian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)