Translation of "school" - English-Russian dictionary


noun uk /skuːl/ us

A1 a place where children go to be educated

Which school do you go to?
I ride my bike to school.
TIME [ U ]

A2 the time that you spend at school

уроки, занятия
I like school.
We're going shopping after school.
PEOPLE [ no plural ]

all the students and teachers at a school

школа, учащиеся и учителя
The whole school took part in the project.
a dance/language/riding, etc school

A2 a place where you can study a particular subject

школа танцев/языковые курсы/школа верховой езды и т. д.
PART [ C ]

a part of a college or university

факультет, отделение
the University of Cambridge Medical School
UNIVERSITY [ C, U ] US informal

in the US, any college or university, or the time you spend there

Which schools did you apply to?
FISH [ C ]

a group of fish or other sea animals

косяк (рыб), стадо (китов)

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